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Alyssa Klein

I started training at Julie Moffitt Ballet School in ballet, jazz, and tap at the age of 10. Throughout the years I’ve also had modern, character ballet, and some hip-hop training. I have been teaching various styles such as ballet, tap, jazz, modern, and conditioning for 9 years now. I’ve taught all ages from the creative classes to adult classes.

Aside from teaching proper technique(s) in dance, I really like to focus on the passion of dance and the emotions behind it. I believe dancing is one of the best forms of therapy and is a way to let the soul speak. I also love that in dance class you are always learning life lessons, too, such as:

When you fall down, get back up and try again. Learning new things can be frustrating at first because you don’t have the proper muscles or strength built yet, but with time, practice, and perseverance, you will eventually grow better and stronger! If you practice bad habits, it can hurt you and it will take you longer to achieve what you desire.

Often when I teach or attend a workshop I realize how much these lessons apply to life and I try to bring those lessons with me into my classes.

I love teaching dance because not only does it continuously grow me as a dancer and as a teacher, it teaches me patience, it allows me to create, and helps me to be a better person. In addition to teaching at Julie Moffitt Ballet School, I am also a part of the Ogden Movemeant Collective, which is a new dance company in Ogden that revolves around movement that has meaning, it involves more of dance therapy rather than just focusing on doing cool tricks. We tell stories through contemporary dance (which is my favorite style).

Some of my hobbies outside of dance are spending time outdoors hiking, camping, kayaking, rock climbing, and pretty much anything that involves adventures. I also love traveling and going to live music shows to dance, enjoy the music, meet new people and make new connections. I currently reside in Ogden with my three cute kitties.

Alyssa Klein

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