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Base monthly rates

Tuition is based on 35 lessons, rehearsals or performances per class each 9-month dance year. Tuition is the same each month regardless of how many lessons are in that particular month. Cancelled lessons for any reason will be made up unless the class will have completed 35 lessons or more. A $25 non-sufficient funds charge will be added to your account for auto-withdrawal insufficient funds. We do not give refunds on tuition should you decide to drop in the middle of the month. Rates subject to change.

45-Minute class

60-Minute class


75-Minute class


90-Minute class



additional classes

  • First additional 1-hour class - $40

  • Second additional 1-hour class - $35

  • Third additional 1-hour class - $30

  • Fourth or more additional 1-hour class - $25

  • 1-hour private lesson: $45

  • $5 additional monthly discount for families

45-Minute classes

  • Creative Dance

60-Minute classes

  • Creative Dance & Tap

  • Pointe II and III

  • Beginning Jazz (ages 9-11)

  • Adult Tap

  • Monday Technique: Pre-Ballet – Ballet III

  • Pre-Teen Tap

  • Pre-Teen Jazz

75-Minute classes

  • Pre-Ballet & Tap

90-Minute classes

  • Beginning I-IV Ballet & Tap

  • Intermediate I-IV Ballet*

  • Advanced Ballet*

  • Int. IV and Advanced Pointe

  • Saturday Ballet Technique I-II*

  • Saturday Ballet Technique III and Up*

  • Intermediate Jazz

  • Beginning Adult Ballet

  • Intermediate Adult Ballet

  • Int.-Adv. Tap

  • Ballet IV Saturday Technique

*longer than 90 minutes

additional info


New student registration fee is $50 per child. Fee for re-enrolling students is $35 per student and $30 for re-enrolling students who have been at the studio for 3 or more years. Registration fee is due at your registration appointment. JMBS registers by appointment only rather than open house.

costume and recital fees

Costume fees are $72 or $82 per costume depending on your child's level. You keep the costumes after recital. You may set up your costume fee by auto-pay, which will be withdrawn on October 30th and November 30th.


The recital fee is $72 for one student, $52 for the second, and $32 for the third or each additional student per family. You may set up your recital fee by auto-withdrawal, which will be withdrawn on January 31st, or you may pay your recital fee at registration, which includes a 5% discount. There are no refunds on recital fees after February.

The Nutcracker fee is $100 per student. The fee covers costume rental, cleaning and alterations.

single-parent discount

We offer a single parent discount of 10% to those students who come from a single-parent household. This cannot be combined with the 5% discount for paying in full.

payment options

Tuition may be payed monthly (on the 10th of each month) by bank auto-withdrawal program. You may also pay in full for a 5% discount. Payment in full is due at registration.

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