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Jazz, a common form of dance used in musical theatre and commercial and entertainment industries, has its roots in social dance and is heavily influenced by African-American traditions. The jazz curriculum is based on the classical jazz dance technique, with influences incorporated from modern jazz, hip-hop, street jazz and Broadway styles. The curriculum develops flexibility, rhythm, extension, balance, speed, and strong movement in dancers, preparing them for a lifetime of dancing.

We follow the typical jazz class format of building strength, balance and extension through isolations, rhythmic exercises, floor stretches, across the floor patterns, and dance routines. The class format remains the same through the different levels; however, the movements continue to develop from year to year as the students progress and mature. Just as the ballet program progresses along the natural physical and social development of the dancer, jazz classes integrates rhythm and music games, social interaction and partnering, improvisation and constructive peer feedback into the classes. Performances and strong stage presence skills are also emphasized in the jazz curriculum.

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