Dress code

All required dancewear is available for purchase through Christina's Dancewear during office hours. Additionally, custom JMBS dancewear and apparel can be purchased through Jones Shirts and Signs.

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Creative dance

  • Pink leotard

  • Pink convertible tights

  • Hair pulled up and out of face

  • For creative with tap: black Mary Jane tap shoes


  • Light blue or lavender leotard

  • Pink footed or convertible tights

  • Pink ballet shoes

  • Tap shoes

  • Hair pulled up and out of face

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Beg. Ballet I-II & tap

  • Black leotard

  • Pink footed tights

  • Pink ballet shoes

  • Black Mary Jane tap shoes

  • Hair pulled up and out of face

Beg. Ballet Iii-Iv, tap & jazz

Same as Beg. I-II, plus:​

  • Black jazz shoes

  • Optional black jazz shorts

int.-adv. ballet & pointe

  • Pink convertible tights

  • Black leotard

  • Pink ballet shoes and pointe shoes if applicable

  • Colored leotards can be worn on Saturday technique classes as well as the last lesson of the month during weekday classes.

  • Hair always in a bun


pre-teen, int. & adv. tap & jazz

  • ​Solid colored leotard

  • Jazz shorts or pants

  • Black or tan tights

  • Hair pulled up



  • Creative-Beg. IV

    • White fitted shirt

    • Black shorts

    • Black ballet shoes

    • Black or white socks

  • Int.-Adv. Ballet

    • White fitted shirt

    • Black ballet tights or leggings

    • Black ballet shoes

    • Black or white socks if not wearing tights

    • Optional dance belt

  • Pre-Teen, Int. & Adv. Jazz & Tap

    • Dance shorts or leggings

    • Fitted, solid-colored shirt

    • Jazz shoes

    • Tap shoes

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  • Same as Int.-Adv. students or athletic attire — whatever feels most comfortable!