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Office Manager

Crystal Jones

Crystal Jones has worked at Julie Moffitt Ballet School for over five years. Previous work experiences are daycare provider, flower shop manager/head florist, large antique store manager, and retail department manager. She uses many of the skills from these jobs to anticipate and solve problems, assist staff, and ensure that parents and students receive the best customer service possible. Her favorite aspects of the job are working with students, families, and teachers, along with creating the occasional prop or accessory.

Crystal enjoys doing a variety of arts and crafts, listening to Christian hip-hop (yes, it is a thing!), and working with computers. She studied interior design at the Art Institute and loves to take on small side projects whenever possible (she is available for hire at a discounted rate, but not during the busy work seasons). Her greatest loves are Jesus, her husband of over 28 years, and her son, daughter, and now son-in-law (both her son and daughter attended JMBS for many years).

"Julie Moffitt Ballet School is a uniquely loving and supportive place. It is my goal to mirror that ambience in every interaction, no matter the circumstances. I hope that everyone who walks through the door feels loved."

Crystal Jones

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