Alicia Smeding

Ms. Alicia’s love for dance and the arts has always existed. She has been formally training in dance for over two decades now and has been teaching dance for close to 15 years, celebrating her 12th year at Julie Moffitt Ballet school in 2020. As a young dancer, she began learning ballet, tap, jazz, and Irish step dance at Larae’s Dance Unlimited. She then worked on refining her skills in ballet and jazz at Clytie Adams school of ballet while also attending ballet summer programs at BYU, introducing modern and character dance into her education. As a student she has performed in Ballet West’s Nutcracker and has also been in corps and solo roles in Clytie Adams and Julie Moffitt Ballet school’s Nutcracker productions. Even after 11 years of teaching Nutcracker dances she still loves the music and putting on the traditional production every year.

In high school, she joined the high school’s dance company and continue her studies in ballet. She served in the presidency of the dance company her senior year. This leadership role is what ignited her love for choreography work and teaching others how to dance.

It was a twist of fate that brought Ms. Alicia to JMBS over 12 years ago, and she’s incredibly grateful for the family and community that she has found at JMBS. "I work with my best friends and I love all my students. What else could you ask for?"

"Working at JMBS for all these years has given me a priceless continued education. Julie has allowed me to be creative and taught me how to edit my work. She’s supported me through the good and the bad times. I’ve been able to continue my learning through workshops, dance teacher expos, gleaning off my fellow talented teachers as we prepare curriculum and choreography together, as well as the endless lessons learned by working with my students. I love the challenge of working with the intermediate and advanced level students every year. It challenges me to reinvent myself, to keep up with trends and the newest science available, while also being able to pass down traditions and techniques that have survived the test of time to new generations. Dance isn’t about tricks or titles, rather it’s about learning a skill that will serve you for life."

Alicia has taught all offered levels at JMBS with styles including ballet, jazz, tap, conditioning, modern, and character ballet. She is currently developing a healthy living program that she will provide as an online course featuring fitness and healthy living courses for all levels. It’s with the support of her husband, daughter, Ms. Julie, and the JMBS staff, that she has been able to take on such a project and she is grateful for their support and love.

“It’s time to learn how to love dance, not just how to memorize steps. It’s time to be an individual while also working as a team. So, come join me on the dance floor!” Love, Ms. Alicia

Alicia Smeding