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Danielle Nichols

Hello! My name is Dannielle Chapple. As a teacher at Julie Moffitt Ballet School, I am very passionate about the beautiful art of dance and my ability to share that with others. I have been dancing for over 13 years and teaching dance since 2016. Through roles such as Peter Pan, Clara, and the Spanish Queen, I have learned endurance, humility, dedication, discipline, and grace — qualities I work to instill in my students along with confidence in themselves as they are, with a healthy vision of what they can achieve through hard work and positivity. Outside of dance, I'm a chemistry student with a love of my family, my cats, and baking.

My training began at JMBS in 2007, both as a student and later as a student teacher. In addition, I have interned as a dance teacher and choreographer at Fremont High School, attended workshops and trainings at Brigham Young University and the University of Utah, and studied the training methods of the famous Bolshoi ballet. Classes on subjects such as athletic nutrition and pilates from Weber State University have added to my knowledge and abilities as a dance educator.

I'm a firm believer in respect and earning what you receive. I know that there is incredible beauty and strength in dance and that there is a love to learn and feel in it for the art, for those you dance with, and for yourself. I look forward to sharing this with my students as well as watching each of them grow and become.

Danielle Nichols

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