Children ages 5 1/2 to 7 are ready for the pre-ballet/tap program. Creative dance skills are further enhanced at this level as their creativity and self-expression skills become more developed.

More beginning ballet skills are introduced as they learn proper ballet basics such as, posture and alignment, arm and feet placements, balance, strength, and flexibility. Half way through the school year we introduce the dancers to the ballet barre where students explore their attributes, develop their kinesthetic sense, access their mental capabilities, and sculpt the body to make it ready for the work in the center.

Tap is also taught along with ballet training where students continue to learn pantomime, singing, rhythm, and coordination.

By the end of the 9 month curriculum, students are well on their way to becoming Ballerinas and Broadway Stars!

Beginning Ballet I-IV are children ranging from ages 8-12. In these levels the children are introduced to a traditional ballet class containing two parts: Barre and center work.

At the barre students learn and practice exercises that are the components for steps in the center portion of class. The physical barre provides the support the beginning dancer needs to acquire basic alignment, balance, bending and rising movements, stretching legs and torso, transfer of weight, and controlled movements or poses.

In the center section of the class, barre exercises connect into steps. The steps combine into ever-changing combinations that expand a dancers skills and memory. Center floorwork includes exercises to practice classical arm movements, learning spatial directions and classical poses, moving to a slow or fast tempo, and executing small and large jumps, leaps, hopping, and turning steps.

During these precious years your dancer will really start to blossom and look forward to every year being more and more challenging.